Impianti Disc-Type Finishing Pickers, distributed by Prime, are designed to achieve maximum picking coverage with a wide range of finger hub adjustability. High-grade plastic gears lower noise levels and reduce maintenance costs.For Turkey picking applications, the bottom central picking bank focuses on the birds shoulders and rear neck area throughout the picking process. The central bank is also available with hydraulic motors.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in multiple models optimized for various line speeds, bird sizes and stunning methods
  • Lateral picking banks are fully independent
  • Side banks are also adjustable up/down, in/out and will tilt
  • Supplied feather deflector directs feathers to raceway
  • Versatile design is adjustable for a wide variety of bird sizes and specialized picking needs
  • High-Grade plastic gears reduce maintenance costs, run quieter and allow for ease of maintenance and repair


  • Electrical Requirements: (12) 3 hp motors; 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz, 100 amps
  • Water Requirements: (3) 3/4 connections; 10.0 GPM (37.85 LPM); 30 PSI
  • Optional Bottom Bank: (5) 3hp motors
  • Production Rates: Variable and customizable