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Our Rotary Atmospheric Sterilizer (RAS) utilizes fast axial rotation (FAR) to efficiency agitate product containers. This results in a short-time, efficient cooking and cooling process of high acid products in a continuous operation.

 There is simply no better way to pasteurize or sterilize high volumes of food in cylindrical container where product quality benefits from the RAS’s unique agitation technology. As proof, 7,500 of these sterilizers have been placed into production globally since 1921.

Features & Benefits

  • Uniformity of product processed
  • Reduced container damage
  • Reduced process time due to fast heat penetration
  • Quality of the product is improved by induced convection technology
  • Superior product quality from consistent container agitation
  • Processes at temperatures up to 212°F(100°C)
  • Adapts to various high acid canned food products
  • Handles all types of cylindrical cans (conventional, stackable, with and without EOE, lithographed)
  • Processing at speeds ranging from 30 to 600 containers per minute
  • Accommodates multiple process combinations within a single unit
  • One of the most efficient technologies to sterilize containers due to it continuous operation
  • One of the lowest steam and water consumption technologies per container processed
  • Labor cost savings


  • Provides agitation of liquid based products with headspace:
  • Tomatoes and salsa
  • Peppers
  • Fruits

Options & Models

  • Classic (2300mm)
  • 58-5/16″ (1500mm)
  • 84″ (2100mm)
  • 112″ (2850mm)