For some high quality products, indirect heating is not the most suitable solution. They require direct heating so the product can reach high temperatures very quickly followed by flash cooling to preserve color and vitamin content. In this case products are injected with steam, enabling temperatures of more than 150°C (302°F).Our SteriTwin Coil provides both direct and indirect heating and offers maximum efficiency, productivity and flexibility, with capacities of 6,500 liters per hour (28 gallons/minute) and up to 24,000 liters per hour (105 gallons/minute).

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient
  • High-grade control engineering
  • Highly flexible piece of machinery
  • UHT treatment able to operate all the way up to 160°C (320°F)
  • Efficient elimination of HRS due to direct and indirect heating combination


  • The SteriTwin Coil combines both direct and indirect heating, which allows it to have the flexibility to process a wide range of viscosity in food or dairy