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Our Stein ProBAKE is a continuous contact cooker using a non-stick belt with bottom heating platens only.  We designed the ProBAKE to generate the desired under-sole for any dough based bakery item. The bottom surface preparation of the food item prepares the item for direct transfer to the next processing step, greatly improving product transfers while maintaining the dough product integrity.

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers uniform heat across the width of the belt for consistent and even product results
  • Provides precise temperature control
  • Extremely short dwell time and fast belt speed limits premature internal cooking; equivalent to pan processing


  • Stainless steel construction and hood enclosure
  • Available with optional PLC controls
  • Automatic belt tensioner and tracking system
  • Automatic belt wash

Options & Models

  • Models: 
  • Stein ProBAKE 600 -(XX) 
  • Usable Belt Width 600mm
  • Cook Length modular design in 1.2 meter lengths
  • Stein ProBAKE 1000 – (XX)
  • Usable Belt Width 1000 mm 
  • Cook Length modular design in 1.2meter lengths