Patented Technology for High-Speed, High Volume Produce Labeling

A heavy-duty and reliable labeling system, the JBT G-3 will generate up to 720 labels per minute at efficiencies of 95% or better, depending on conditions. The combination of our state-of-the-art labels, in-house printing, experienced technicians, and advanced application system results in maximum labeling efficiency.
  • Removes citrus sooty mold and scale without damaging fruit
  • Increases packable fruit
  • Proven safe on citrus - over 20 years of field use
  • Recycled water system for reduced water consumption
  • Adjustable pressure settings to adapt to fruit condition
  • Fully automated water filtering system design
  • Innovative design for low maintenance
  • Option available for automated sanitizer dosing
  • Can be mounted over existing brush bed
  • Backed by JBT Technical Service for optimum operation

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