The FREEZECAT keeps your products in shape; delivering the appearance you intended without sticking, deformation, drip loss, or belt marks.  It takes just a few seconds to seal the entire surface to assure the shape of sensitive products. Moisture on the product is sealed to the product while on the belt. Drip losses are almost 0%. You boost your line capacity, cut product weight loss, and cut product damage. Simple to operate and maintain with easy access to all parts of the freezer. 

Features & Benefits

  • Improve yield
  • Eliminate belt marks on product
  • Eliminate film cost
  • Eliminate downtime for changing out film
  • Style on the same belt to reduce transfers through the line
  • Flexible design with modular construction


  • Crust both top and bottom of product
  • Eliminate Nitrogen and CO2 cost
  • Six to eight week expected belt life in normal operation