TIPPER TIE Rota-Matic and AgriBio: Consistent, High-Quality Poultry Packages at Twice the Speed

Founded in 1991, Canadian slaughterhouse and poultry processing company AgriBio is located outside of Quebec City. The company was acquired by Exceldor in 2013. Since 1945, the Exceldor cooperative has specialized exclusively in poultry, promoting mainly local, high-quality producers. They remain committed to producing poultry which their customers can serve with pride. Today, Exceldor processes 1.4 million chickens and turkeys per week. They are considered one of the leading companies for poultry processing in Canada.

A need for growth.

AgriBio processes specialty Cornish game hens, whole chicken and duck, Until 2009, these products were packaged with two TIPPER TIE CVW Clipper Vac machines. These semi-automatic bagging and clipping machines achieved a throughput of 600 packages per hour.

To meet growing demand, AgriBio needed a more powerful solution and reached out to Pemberton & Associates, TIPPER TIE’s Canadian agent. Together with AgriBio, Pemberton decided that a TIPPER TIE 16-station Rota-Matic would be the most suitable machine for their application. The production-oriented RotaMatic provides an automated vacuum packaging solution while reducing total packaging costs. 

With their new Rota-Matic, AgriBio’s capacity doubled to 1,200 – 1,300 products per hour with only two operators.

“It took some getting used to, but now it’s very good. The Rota-Matic is our baby”, says Nancy Boilard, Production Manager at AgriBio. “The increased capacity allows us to grow. And machine performance is more reliable than with the small CVW machines. The vacuum is consistent regardless of the hand movement during product placement. It’s also very easy to train people to operate the machine.”

About the Rota-Matic Vacuum Packaging System.

The automated Rota-Matic consists of 8 or 16 rotating vacuum nozzles, a rotating product table and a specially developed TIPPER TIE Clipper. The system accommodates a full range of bag types and sizes from 8” to 20” (203 – 508 mm).

Economical to operate and maintain, the Rota-Matic III produces a skin tight vacuum package without purge. It handles a variety of product sizes and shapes without adjustment and is perfect for all poultry products, sausages, hams and cheeses.

The Rota-Matic I is designed for poultry (specifically turkeys and large turkey parts) and can vacuum package 16 to 40 pieces per minute.

About Pemberton

Since 1930, “Pembertons” has been supplying Canadian food processors with cutting edge technology, equipment, parts and supplies as well as providing full technical service and support. As such, Pembertons was the first international distributor of TIPPER TIE products and is proud to continue to be their exclusive distributor and after-sales technical service provider throughout Canada.”