The CVE and CVW Clipper Vac line represents an unmatched blend of affordability and market-proven dependability. These air powered bagging and clipping systems are well-suited to processors whose production needs do not demand full automation, as well as high-volume producers looking to supplement production during high demand periods.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile and easy to run for single operator
  • Self-contained, semi-automatic system produces reliable, high quality vacuum packages in the harshest processing environments
  • Draws extremely tight vacuum, applies secure seal, and trims excess bag tail
  • Works with all types of vacuum bags and vacuum shrink bags
  • Sturdy Z-series clips maintain vacuum integrity within finished packages to ensure product freshness throughout distribution
  • Accommodates different product shapes and sizes by adjusting height of product tray or draw nozzle
  • Quick, non-disruptive changeovers, eliminate downtime


  • Applications – deli meats, ham, whole birds, vegan deli meats, vegan ham, raw/frozen/refrigerated pet food, and cheese blocks

Options & Models

  • Model CVE
  • For bagged products that must be held vertically and clipped
  • Can be equipped with several different TIPPER TIE Signature Series horizontal clippers
  • Bag size, material thickness, and product weight influence clipper preference
  • Dispenses clips from either spools or sticks
  • Model CVW
  • Ideal for large or heavy products that are held horizontally and clipped vertically
  • Packages can be laid horizontally on stainless steel product tray and clipped without operator having to support their full weight, reducing fatigue
  • Only dispenses clips from sticks