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HPP Growth & Consumer Seal

From special diet stamps that verify products are free from certain vilified ingredients (such as gluten, animal products or paleo no-nos) or seals that ensure ingredients come from farmers paid a fair price for their crops, verification labels improve consumer trust and offer transparency for what’s inside packaged foods.

It’s rare, however, that certification seals offer much information about product processing. Enter High Pressure Certified, a seal introduced in January by the Cold Pressure Council. It’s designed to illuminate how rapidly growing categories such as juice, deli meats, sauces, dips and ready-to-eat meals are processed to extend shelf life, abolish harmful pathogens and retain nutrients. Here, Jeff Williams, chairman of the Cold Pressure Council, describes how the new High Pressure Certified program ushers in a new level of transparency in clean-label foods. Read the whole interview here.