What Healthy Ingredients Will Be Hot in 2019

January has always been “get healthy” month with new resolutions, new diets, and new functional foods and beverages to try. Here are a few of the hot and healthy ingredients that will be showing up in bowls, snacks, smoothies (and Instagram) this year.

Chickpeas. And chickpea flour. The little legume that makes hummus so delicious makes a great alternative to wheat flour. Gluten-free and high in protein, chickpea flour can be substituted for most other flours, making it a healthy alternative for those looking to cut out the gluten or amp up the protein.

Oat milk. Soy and almond milk may have been the heavy hitters for those looking for a non-dairy alternative to pour on a bowl of cereal or craft a latte, but oat milk is quickly becoming the darling of non-dairy milk lovers. With a creamy consistency that foams like dairy milk, oat milk will be showing up in everything from macchiatos to protein shakes.

Dates. Naturally sweet and a great binder, dates are playing a starring role in energy bars, salads, stews, roasted vegetable dishes and anything else that needs a hit of rich, deep sweetness. Plus dates have the added benefit of fiber, potassium, protein, magnesium, manganese, iron and Vitamin B6.

Microbes. Probiotics will continue to be fly off the shelf as we all cultivate healthy gut microbiomes. From the ever-popular L. acidophilus s in yogurt to L-Rhamnosus-laden kombucha, 2019 will be a probiotic party.

Ancient grains like amaranth and freekeh. High in both iron and zinc, amaranth is a great addition to a vegetarian diet, since those nutrients can be hard to get in a plant-based diet. Oh, and it’s got protein and is gluten-free. Freekah is another ancient grain that is high-fiber and protein-rich with a slightly smoky flavor that makes cutting-edge chefs fall in love.

Dashi. The Japanese broth made from kombu (dried kelp) and katsuobushi (shavings of preserved, fermented tuna) is a shot of pure umami that is essential to miso soups and noodle bowls.