American Convention Of Meat Processors & Suppliers’ Exhibition

Join AAMP for the 85th American Convention of Meat Processors & Suppliers’ Exhibition

Hilton Omaha/CHI Health Center Omaha
Omaha, NE USA

August 1 – 3, 2024

AAMP’s annual convention is geared toward processors of small and very small firms in the meat, poultry, and food business: packers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, caterers, deli operators, home food service dealers, and catalog marketers. With a sold-out trade show floor, a slate of timely and important educational sessions, great networking opportunities, and many fun social events, this is a can’t-miss event for anyone involved in the meat processing industry!

JBT will feature several of its brands and products at this 85th annual event

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The JBT C.A.T. Form Filler is perfect for facilities that are having an issue with weights and sizing when filling packaging with loose meats.

During the AAMP show, the C.A.T. form filler will be feeding a JBT Proseal GT1e tray sealer with exact weights programmed in by the operator.

Automatic, large-capacity, high-speed, in-line tray sealing system with full vacuum facility designed to cut labour costs.

At the core of the ‘e’ design is its flexibility to perform any style of heat seal to a pre-formed tray, be that atmospheric, MAP, VMAP, Skin, Skin Plus, or Skin Deep. Each of these options can be added now or at a later date, or indeed removed as necessary. This flexibility provides the user with the assurance that whatever the latest packaging trend might be, they have equipment suitably geared for the future.

Capable of producing up to 60 Vacuum/Gas packs per minute with a 5 Impression tool, the GT1e system is packed with user-friendly benefits including our unique Promotion modular conveyor system.

Designed to accept randomly spaced trays from any conveyor and can be fully integrated with other line equipment.


The TT automatic double clippers are the result of years of experience and systematic product development and represent the finest quality in modern closure technology. They process all familiar plastic, fibrous, and collagen casings, and connect to all conventional filling machines. Portions are sealed precisely without product residue in the casing ends for numerous food and non-food applications.

TT1815 Automated Double Clipper


The THZ400 is a manual, horizontal clipper that’s extremely easy to operate. Its small size and versatility make it ideal for closing various types of bags and netting especially when the number of packages to be clipped does not warrant the expense of a larger machine. Bags are easily and efficiently sealed with a secure, crossover clip closure, saving you time and manual effort. An optional stand is available.

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TIPPER TIE Clipper Vac Models TTVac-V and TTVac-H represent an unmatched blend of economy and market-proven dependability for air powered bagging and clipping vacuum packaging systems. The Clipper Vac line is well-suited for processors whose production needs do not require full automation, as well as high-volume producers looking to supplement automated systems during seasonal increases in demand. Applications such as poultry parts, whole birds, turkey breasts, red meats, smoked and processed meats, cook-in products, cheeses, and cook/chill are all packaged using the Clipper Vac.

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Production flexibility and state-of-the-art automated suspension technology distinguish the TIPPER TIE SwiStickXXL. It is the proven system for efficiently producing portions or strings of sausages. Joined with TIPPER TIE automated double clippers, the robust SwiStickXXL safely and precisely suspends all sausages across a wide variety of casing types, calibers, and string lengths.

JBT DSI 812 Compact Portioning System

Waterjet portioning for even the smallest spaces

High Efficiency. Small Size. The DSI™ 812 Compact Portioning System is the perfect solution for processors who need the high accuracy, energy efficiency, and high throughput of DSI waterjet portioning but lack the floor space for larger models.

No Space? No problem. At under 2.5 meters long, and featuring the onboard JBT exclusive electric servo pump, the 812 can fit within the smallest footprint.

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