Formcook Combi Cooker

Formcook Combi Cooker

Our Formcook Combi Cooker combines intensive conduction (contact) and forced air and steam (convection) style heat transfer.  We developed the Combi Cooker to brown, sear, bake, and steam a wide variety of protein and vegetable products.  We cook the bottom of the product on a solid non-stick belt that runs over lower heating platens and steam and hot air on the top to provide the required temperature and color development.  Our Formcook Combi Cooker is one of the industry’s most versatile cooking systems, able to cook all types of solid and semi viscous products with a natural home style appearance.

  • Electric or thermal fluid heated lower platens provides energy source versatility
  • Continuous belt cleaning system with scrapers and high pressure water
  • Independent control of lower platen, air temperature and steam
  • Automatic belt tracking and tension system
  • Custom designed infeed and discharge conveyors

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