Post-harvest solutions for fresh produce growers and packers.

JBT offers advanced technology to guarantee superior fresh-produce arrivals in domestic and global markets

Supplying fresh, high-quality produce to thousands or even millions of people requires hard work, dedication, efficiency, and attention-to-detail. In today’s market, innovation and advanced technology are also essential. Fresh Produce Technologies (FPT) partners with retailers and other companies to deliver high-quality fruits and vegetables to consumers around the globe. We manufacture premium high-speed labelers, coaters, scrubbers, mixers, dryers, cleaners, sealers, and more.

We’ve made it our mission to develop the highest quality products and equipment for retailers and suppliers of fresh produce. Our dedication, knowledge, and years of experience have made us an industry leader in postharvest solutions, and our strategic partnerships and loyal customers/partners serve as evidence of our commitment to excellence. We love what we do, and watching our partners succeed with the help of our equipment, fungicides, cleaners, and coaters is what motivates us to continue striving and innovating.

Flexible & Reliable Solutions in Fresh Produce  

You know that maintaining fresh produce is a process that requires time, care, and reliable equipment. You should never have to compromise when it comes to ensuring the best quality possible. JBT has the know-how and the technology to maintain freshness without sacrificing product integrity.

From our patented drive technologies that revolutionize the labeling process to innovative coating technologies that can be tailored to the season and specifications of the market, you won’t have to compromise on delivering the best to consumers.

We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to food packing and transport, especially when handling fresh fruits and vegetables. We can provide you with the highest-quality solutions in a manner that is both sophisticated and cost-effective, while guaranteeing compliance across markets. We’re dedicated to ensuring excellence in:

  • Environmental and preparatory requirements
  • International postharvest specifications 
  • Product safety and freshness standards

Features & Benefits

FPT is the leading global provider of postharvest solutions; the JBT G-3 Labeler is the most sophisticated produce labeler available on the market today. That’s because we understand the diverse and changing needs of domestic and international markets. Our mission is to provide the most targeted and advanced equipment, technologies, and expertise for all our partners, wherever they’re located.

Throughout our long and rich history, we’ve optimized and streamlined our postharvest solutions to deliver superior results and competitive advantages that are also cost-effective and scalable.

  • Targeted technologies — Cutting-edge coatings, cleaners, and decay-control products to enhance appearance, optimize arrivals, and minimize loss
  • Process tracking — Monitoring and application systems to ensure effective and efficient delivery of products
  • Improved freshness — Shrinkage control, enhanced shine, flavor retention, and carrier of postharvest fungicides
  • Specialized solutions — Custom formulations for commodity, variety, weather, climate, and season; regulatory compliance for organic, kosher, and halal
  • High-speed, accurate labeling — Patented drive technology and modular construction for superior performance and faster speeds (up to 900 pieces per minute with a 95% or better hit rate)
  • Robust durability — Proprietary equipment design and construction for increased lifespan and reduced maintenance to decrease long-term costs
  • Scalability and versatility — State-of-the-art, micro-thin labels suitable for use on a broad range of produce, custom equipment designs specific to your commodity, and modular components that allow for flexible packing options
  • Continued support — Ongoing aftermarket and service support

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Customized, Time-Tested Solutions You Know You Can Trust

JBT celebrated the 90th Anniversary of our FPT business endeavor in 2019, and there are no signs of slowing down. Decades of research, technological advancement, and an unwavering commitment to excellence are embedded in the postharvest solutions we bring you today.

The JBT G-3 labeler is the most advanced and reliable labeler in the industry, delivering targeted technology that’s both durable and versatile. Throughout our history, we’ve learned the importance of taking the time to understand the unique requirements of our partners’ domestic and international markets. This allows us to address the specific concerns of these industries and develop and perfect targeted solutions.

Postharvest Technology Designed to Give You an Edge

Relying on the unmatched experience of our experts, we continue to raise the bar by modernizing labeling systems and providing value-added options that help you reduce your costs and optimize your processes.

Utilizing patented drive technology to provide smooth, reliable label transfer to a variety of produce commodities at record speeds, our technology is designed to help you achieve excellence and gain a competitive advantage in your specific markets.

Related Products

Our extensive list of products is sure to provide you the solutions you need. Our selections include high-quality, durable equipment that offer unique custom designs and capabilities.

We also offer advanced chemical coating and sanitizing options for all types of fresh produce, no matter their composition. Additionally, you can browse our substantial collection of high quality, premium label designs to ensure an efficient and ultramodern labeling process.

If you’re in the business of fresh produce, you should have access to the best that modern technology has to offer in postharvest solutions. JBT is here to provide you with the knowledge, equipment, and dedication you deserve! 

Comprehensive FoodTech Solutions to Meet All Your Needs

JBT is your one-stop-shop for every level of food processing. You need targeted solutions in a comprehensive package to maximize production in terms of quality and efficiency.

We offer a wide selection of world-class equipment that will cover the total breadth of your food-industry operations to make the process streamlined and dynamic.

More Cutting-Edge Equipment & Technology

The extensive catalog of equipment provided by JBT offers you the benefits of customized processing to ensure your needs are met. Our collection offers you:

  • A centralized source for high-quality equipment
  • Customization of production designs and capabilities
  • An array of brands that you can mix and match to achieve your diverse business goals
  • The ability to conveniently replace individual pieces of equipment in your production line

In addition to our premium equipment options, we also provide upgrade kits, parts, service and maintenance, and training to support you in achieving your specific goals.

Diverse Markets, Complete Solutions

Our partners are familiar with the benefits of our diverse capabilities and offers. This flexibility allows us to thrive in a variety of industries. In fact, JBT partners with unique customers in a wide range of industries, and has the expertise, capabilities, and technology needed to compete in many distinct markets. These include:

Why You Need JBT’s FoodTech Solutions

FPT is a trailblazer in postharvest technology, and our commitment to excellence in the food processing industry doesn’t stop there. JBT is dedicated to providing the highest-quality machinery, technologies, expertise, and resources to help your business thrive.

Your Goals Are Our Mission

We at JBT think of you as more than another customer. Our philosophy is about the bigger picture — a bright future with endless possibilities. Helping you reach your long-term goals tomorrow is as important as satisfying your immediate needs today.

As a conscientious and innovative company, JBT is dedicated to providing the most value to our partners. We can help you reach your goals — and, in turn, reach our own — by building and nurturing a long-term, personalized relationship with you. 

We take the time to understand your specific obstacles and goals in order to serve you better and help you drive meaningful solutions.

Centers of Innovation

JBT’s global Research & Technology Centers are an incredible resource, designed to provide the tools you need to optimize your processes and reach your objectives. 

These unique and truly remarkable facilities are so much more than test centers or labs. They’re hubs for innovation where you can test the limits of machinery, analyze various production line setups, enhance your recipes and methodologies, and validate product safety, quality, and compliance. In addition, you get to take advantage of coveted access to technical expertise and data.

Trusted Experts & Support at Your Fingertips

JBT has been an industry leader across a wide variety of markets for over a hundred years. We’ve gathered an abundance of expertise and experience over the years, and we’re ready to share it with you! Our skilled and dedicated team is your go-to resource for all your FoodTech questions, concerns, and ideas.

We provide this superior level of support because we know your industry is demanding, your work is complicated, and your goals are expansive. A helping hand from JBT’s leading industry experts is what you need to gain a competitive edge and overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
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