Weigh, batch, and package products with outstanding accuracy and efficiency with JBT’s C.A.T. bagging systems

The FoodTech machinery you use should improve both your process efficiency and your end-product quality at each and every stage in your production line(s). JBT’s comprehensive collection of bulkers and baggers do just that. With targeted solutions to meet your specific processing needs, you can achieve higher outputs and superior product uniformity while saving labor and reducing costs.

Our bagging systems are designed to streamline your operations. Simply identify your target weight per package and let the equipment do the rest! Built with sturdy stainless-steel hoppers and equipped with durable 250-pound load cells for maximum efficiency, JBT’s C.A.T. baggers are built to last for years. 

Minimize operating and maintenance requirements, increase output, and catapult your operations into the future!

Features & Benefits

JBT’s C.A.T. baggers offer processors unmatched efficiency and flexibility of use. With a wide range of customizable options and configurations, you’ll see significantly increased uptime, greater accuracy, and streamlined functionality. Regardless of your specific application and with the right configuration, you can use our line of baggers to optimize your system and meet your production goals. Some features and benefits include:

  • High-speed application – JBT’s baggers offer rapid processing of up to 12 bags per minute with minimal manual labor requirements for increased efficiency.  
  • Sturdy operation – Machines are fitted with 250 lb. load cells, allowing them to function accurately at high levels of operational pressure.
  • Quality materials – Sleek, stainless-steel weight and buffer hoppers provide superior hygiene and functionality.
  • Durability – Delrin hopper gates offer reliable long-term usage.
  • Adaptability through automation – The system’s air pressure regulator (with auto dump) keeps your machine working at optimal internal levels.
  • Customizable configurations – Hoppers come in sizes of 15, 30, or 70 lb. capacities and can be fitted with dimpled or smooth surfaces.
  • Accessibility – Valve boxes offer easy access points for maintenance and inspection.

Seamless Integration For Diverse Processing Needs

At JBT, one of our primary goals is to prioritize flexibility and simplicity so that our customers can easily integrate new equipment and technology into their production lines with minimal disruptions. Our collection of baggers and bulkers is no exception. You can easily integrate and synchronize these advanced bagging solutions with other C.A.T. weighing equipment to achieve optimal efficiency and create your own ideal configuration. Whether you’re bagging wings or dispensing fish into totes, our automated solutions are built to limit operating costs and boost performance!


How many operators are needed for the Tabletop Bagging System?

The Tabletop Bagging System is designed to fit in seamlessly with your existing operation while reducing manual labor requirements. The table is fed by a VACCAT vacuum chamber and has pounds-per-hour software that can increase your output of up to 10,000 pounds per hour with only one operator per station. When synchronized with other C.A.T. weighing equipment, you can integrate up to 4 stations in your assembly line, significantly expanding your output capabilities while reducing labor costs. 

What are the production speeds of each bagger?

Each of the four models in our collection of baggers is designed to maximize efficiency and yield. Here are the respective bags-per-minute ratings of each individual machine:

  • C.A.T. Single Bagger – 6 bags per minute
  • C.A.T. Dual Bagger – 12 bags per minute (with 2 operators)
  • C.A.T. Dual Bulker/Bagger (MultiCAT) – 6 bags per minute with a capacity of up to 6 bags per side (12 total)
  • C.A.T. Tabletop Bagger – 10,000 pounds per hour from your rake table, when coupled with a C.A.T. VACCAT

Are C.A.T baggers and bulkers customizable?

Yes. At JBT, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop solutions that are targeted to specific challenges and concerns. That’s why our line of baggers and bulkers can be customized to suit your individual operation. With options for both single and dual baggers, smooth or dimpled hopper surfaces and sizes, a broad range of automation capabilities, and more, you can optimize your system for your needs. Also integrate other machinery to further increase your processing potential and improve your bottom line.

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The food and beverage industry is among the most competitive and demanding environments in the world. Food processors face constantly changing regulations and safety standards, evolving consumer expectations, and fierce competition. That’s why we constantly strive for collaboration with our customers, helping them reach their goals and carve out their unique competitive advantage. 

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