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Real time process monitoring and validationNow more than ever, knowing what happens with your product in real time is critical to our industry’s future.PolarVision is a fully integrated and customized closed-looped SCADA system offering real-time process monitoring with pro-active control along with full validation of your entire process or any particular chosen components. Once a process has been defined and is operational, PolarVision controls the process to ensure it remains within specifications. It also allows the processor to remotely monitor and control the process in real-time, while providing operator accountability and alarm/event/ process step notification. PolarVision is an indispensable tool for management that is used for data acquisition, process validation, SPC, trend analysis and data management – all allowing the processor to quickly adapt to process variances.

Options & Models

  • Options:
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Bar code scanning and bar code printing
  • Wolf-tec’s in-house team of experts are developing tailored solutions as a system, as a free-standing shop floor control, or fully integrated within an MES system linking the front office to the shop/production floor