Our Prime PPS-SERIES Paw Scalder offers an efficient solution for paw-pad cleaning. Hot water scalds feet for improved removal of ammonia burns. The PPS series, available in six, eight, and 10-foot options, can also be used as part of a complete paw-processing system with the Prime In-Line Paw Scrubber, which produces maximum paw yield. When used down-line from Primes In-line Paw Scrubber (ILPS), the PPS-series Paw Scalder gains new efficiencies to reduce hot water usage and lower operating costs. In this application, the Paw Scalder serves as a final cleaning step after the ILPS. Therefore, water temperature in the scalder can be lower, preserving fat and increasing final product weight.

Features & Benefits

  • When used with In-Line Paw Scrubber:
  • Simple design with proven industry performance
  • Can be used alone or with prime in-line paw scrubber as a system
  • Maximizes paw yield and upgraded paws
  • Air-assisted top cover lift for easy maintenance
  • When used with inline paw scrubber, additional hot water savings can be realized
  • Additional benefits when used with In-Line Paw Scrubber:
  • Works well down-line from In-Line Paw Scrubber
  • Lower H2O temperatures for heating savings
  • Lower-temperature water preserves fat content in final product, increasing yield
  • Allows for upgraded paws


  • Electrical Requirements: PPS-6: (1) 10 hp motor; 230/460V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
  • PPS-8/10: (1) 15 hp motor; 230/460V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
  • Water Requirements: (1) 3/4 connection
  • Net Weight: 1750 lbs. (794 kg)
  • Production Rate: Up to 375 paws per minute
  • NOTE: Specifications are accurate at time of publication