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The revolutionary, patented PulpView laboratory pulp saturation analyzer replaces the quick fiber shaker commonly used to determine the dryness of finished citrus pulp. The PulpView analyzer measures the dryness of saturated pulp in the range of 300 g/l to 800 g/l and replaces a variety of shaking screen tests currently used in the citrus industry. All PulpView analyzers can be calibrated to accurately reflect the dryness of different kinds of pulp and different kinds of finishing processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid analysis results in significant labor savings per season in comparison to traditional quick fiber and packaged pulp tests
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability over quick fiber testing
  • Reduces variability of packaged pulp concentration to ± 50 g/l
  • Electronic display of the Saturation Index reduces errors in transcribing results
  • No moving parts, easy to use, and several usage options
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as there are no screens to replace or maintenance required for the device


  • The PulpView analyzer has a variety of uses in citrus processing including:
  • Determining quick fiber for finisher adjustment
  • Regulating final aseptically packaged pulp concentration
  • Controlling pulp pasteurizers to determine final frozen packaged pulp concentration