At A&B Process Systems, our preventative care and maintenance specialists work with you and your team to provide a PM program to meet specific needs or a complete plant offering to support you throughout the year. Whether you are looking for weekend downtime assistance to support your staff or a small project to get completed, we have you covered. We have a crew of OSHA trained personnel that are skilled in a multitude of process systems for a variety of markets.  Our skilled crews utilize 3A design practices, equipment rigging/setting, demolition, alterations/modifications and relocation of process systems and equipment expertise to meet your critical requirements.  Our knowledgeable field staff are trained and certified to repair/modify or replace most process equipment components.  Please reach out to our sales team to discuss how A&B can assist you with making your next project a success.

Features & Benefits

  • 40+ year experience in Process Systems design, equipment rigging and installation practices
  • Multi-disciplined service team to handle small to large projects 
  • Extensive safety program and Good standing safety record
  • Licensed to perform installation services in the US, Caribbean and Mexico
  • Highly skilled staff with experience in Food/Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries
  • Lean manufacturing practices to reduce waste during project life cycle and increase productivity onsite
  • Services- Inspections, Remote and/or onsite support, Customized overhauls, Supervision and Operational guidance, training, Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Services, 
  • ASME certified welders to repair/replace or install on ASME vessels.
  • Preventative Maintenance work- Gear box maintenance, valve matrix rebuilds, pump repair, Heat exchanger re-gasketing, pump alignment
  • Skid Modifications and Repair
  • Instrumentation, piping changes, valves, pumps, disassembly/reassembly- relocations, tie-ins
  • Tank Service and Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant testing, surface repairs, polishing, passivation, leak testing/inspection, EP repair/touchup
  • Tank repair capabilities
  • Repair/replace/modify- agitators, scraper blades, drive units, bearings, seals, gearbox fluid, fittings/nozzles, agitator bridges, heating/cooling jackets, vessel damage