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JBT and LaserFood introduce Natural Branding©  the next generation in innovative labeling solution for fresh produce. This technology applies a permanent and contact-less label on fruits and vegetables: representing the perfect alternative to regular paper stickers because it allows to eliminate paper, glue and ink on organic produce. Natural Branding reduces the carbon footprint by 99.9% and participates to the European Project: “Laser Mark,” within the 7th Frame Program of the European Commission for the Eco-Innovation area: read more.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • It’s contactless and just natural light
  • Eco-friendly technology: laser labelling eliminates the use of paper, glue, ink
  • Cheap alternative to regular stickers (the cost of laser labelling is about 0,90eur/1000 pieces of fruit marked)
  • Full product traceability
  • Enhanced marketing: thanks to our technology it’s possible to etch virtually anything on a piece of fruit in a very flexible way and very fast
  • Labeling by laser technology is: exclusive, customizable, indelible, innovative, innocuous

Options & Models

  • Two models: LMS1 PRO, LMS1 LITE
  • Both versions of the machine share the same software and control system. Performances (speed, output, graphic capacities, memory, etc.) are rigorously identical to ensure that, whatever version you choose, you will get the same results
  • (Represented exclusively by JBT)