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Our T-Series Bin Scrubber System sets a new industry standard. It’s patented technology maximizes cleaning efficiency, food safety, and cost savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleans and scrubs up to 140 bins per hour
  • Cleans up to 48″ tall bins
  • Powered linear actuation system allows for brush rotation and telescoping
  • Low horsepower motors reduce energy cost over competitive units
  • Designed for existing bin lines or stand-alone off-line system
  • Excellent water containment allows for low water consumption
  • Stainless steel construction; provides a durable, long lasting, and food safe system
  • PLC controlled system and operator panel allows for easy manual adjustments
  • 500 gallon water tank with built in filter; adequate storage for daily use


  • Specifications:
  • Electrical Requirements: 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 90
  • AMPS Water Supply: 7-12 Gallons/Min
  • Power Consumption: 14.9 Kilowatts

Options & Models

  • Chemtrol System: Controls pH and ORP of recycled water with user interface programming and data-logging
  • Sanitizing Spray Ring with Controls: Applies sanitizer to bins when exiting the scrubber
  • Actuated Blower System: Blowers aid in water drying process after bin has been scrubbed
  • Bin Handling: Bin transport conveyors, bin stackers and un-stackers, and automation solutions