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Sta-Fresh® 2109LM is a premium hybrid coating for citrus that maximizes packer value in the domestic and export markets. It is specially formulated for shine durability and gas exchange.Our extensive formulation expertise and rigorous QC program coupled with state-of-the-art blending facilities allow us to consistently produce only the highest quality carnauba coatings. Sta-Fresh 2109LM provides superior protection for citrus by allowing better fruit respiration reducing anaerobic conditions that cause off-flavors, rind pitting, and other associated disorders.This coating has exceptional fracture and whitening features and dehydration control properties from the packing-house to the market. It is a low foaming product that can be applied in the packinghouse over a wide range of conditions and application rates.

Features & Benefits

  • Export quality shine
  • Superior gas exchange
  • Controls postharvest pitting
  • Maximized flavor retention
  • Exceptional durability over numerous sweat cycles
  • Outstanding coverage properties
  • Dual use for storage and packing
  • Fast drying
  • Packhouse friendly; easy to clean
  • High quality, stable emulsion
  • Excellent coating for tangerine varieties