Designed to remove small dirt particles out of the ‘dry’ stage of the processing line. Our Knocker Conveyor removes fines, like insects and sand, by means of belt knockers underneath the perforated belt. As the belt shakes, dirt particles fall through and are collected in stainless steel trays. It is made of a special modular belt with large openings.

Features & Benefits

  • Air knife to blow inner side of belt
  • Smooth shaking of the produce prevent spoiling
  • Frequency controller for belt speed
  • Frequency belt for knockers


  • Infeed height: 85 cm (33.5”)
  • Outfeed height: 140 cm (55”)
  • Air knife designed with hygienic ventilators
  • Hollow box frame with hingeable sideguards

Options & Models

  • Belt type
  • Waste conveyors