Designed to fill fluids, concentrates and particulate products, our aseptic fillers provide: “steam only” sterilization of the filler head(s), complete sanitation by an automatic clean-in-place system and without chemicals or sterile gasses used. High production speed achieved by a newly designed head system. The aseptic filling chamber which can be opened without losing asepticity. Versatility and reliability are improved by meeting various packing standards with different products and the use of a fully PLC controlled self-diagnostic operational mode.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower labor costs
  • Ideal to fill various size bags
  • Processes products with pH <4.5
  • Drums are set up in line on a conveyor
  • Single head and twin head versions available


  • Operates with 10-220 liters (5-60 gallons) pre-sterilized bags
  • Filling weight accuracy and high production speed (30-60 bags/hour)

Options & Models

  • AF2000 IMPERIAL Aseptic Filler
  • ABF1200 FranRica™ Aseptic Filler