TIPPER TIE KDCR provides NOTHWANG with an efficient, cost-effective clipping solution

Top quality homemade products – this statement has been connected to the NOTHWANG family for seven generations. This traditional butcher business, located in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany was founded in 1818 and has dedicated itself to IFS-certified production of high quality sausage, meat and ham specialties.

For 35 years Nothwang sausage specialties have been tested by the German Agricultural Society. Their 1,500 awards are a clear statement from these independent experts, recognizing the company’s traditional butchery pedigree, always producing the highest product quality with the best taste.

Today around 150 staff members work at the headquarters and in the eight branches in the Heilbronn area to ensure that every product brings real enjoyment. Daily production runs to around 12 tons of sausage and meat products.

Many of their high quality products are not only produced for direct sale, but are also supplied to supermarkets, major care providers and catering businesses.

Less give-away, more efficiency

Any company like NOTHWANG who produces for the commercial food trade must take into account a few additional regulations and requirements. For example, the accuracy of portion sizes. “If it says 200 grams, there must be at least 200 grams in it”, says Rainer Höhn, Factory Manager at NOTHWANG. The more precisely a machine can be set to the fill quantity, the better.  “It is important for us to manufacture correctly within all regulations”, stresses Höhn. “On the other side, we are also a company which has a responsibility for many employees. So we need to work cost-effectively and efficiently.” For this reason the traditional butcher was looking for a simple and finely adjustable clip machine, which produces with the utmost care but also with a high number of cycles.

The KDCR, an automatic double-clip machine, specially developed for the production of ring-shaped products in natural casings, proved to be the perfect solution.  The machine is easy to operate, sealing pork and beef rounds up to 46mm. It is also ideal for ring-shaped or straight products in collagen, cellulose or plastic casings  up to 50 mm. It is especially quiet and fast. Up to 130 cycles per minute can be achieved, depending on the portion size. And the spool clip magazine is sufficient for 3,500 sausages, guaranteeing efficiency and high productivity.  Another important consideration was filling precision. 

How accurate would the equipment be?

NOTHWANG wanted to be sure and tested the machine, at no risk, in practical operation. This meant the TIPPER TIE leasing offer with purchase option, was the right solution.

Adjusted to all requirements

Production worker Sandro Fritz soon saw that the KDCR did its job well. No matter what he produced – the production ran smoothly and the casings remained intact. The result: instead of three to four percent over the nominal value, the average give away is now only one to two percent.  “Few defective products, little scrap and precisely to weight – that’s an investment which will pay for itself”, says Factory Manager Höhn. And this is why the decision was made, after just a few months of leasing: the KDCR was to become part of the NOTHWANG fixed inventory.