Wolf-tec Brine Systems

No matter what type of solution you add to your product, the process must start with mixing/chilling. Without properly dissolved ingredients, proper order of ingredient addition, and temperature control, your end product will be plagued with purge, flavor, texture, and shelf-life problems, whether it is injected, massaged, or tumbled. With Touch Panel controls, you can monitor solution temperature and mixing time, or upgrade the control panel to include recipe programming.

Wolf-tec Polar Dissolver

Our Polar Dissolver Brine System is the first step to smarter processing. It is a mixing tank designed to mix, chill and transport brines and marinades.

Wolf-tec Polar Dissolver – Chicken Skid

Our Polar Dissolver Skid provides a simple solution to brine mixing applications for all chicken marination applications, at an affordable price.

Wolf-tec Polar Fusion PFHT Holding Tanks

Our Polar Fusion Holding Tanks are specially designed for holding high viscosity brines at the correct temperature for your process.

Wolf-tec Polar Ice Chiller

Our Polar Ice Chiller maintains brine temperature at injector.  We designed these units to maintain the desired brine temperature that is achieved with a primary mixer/chiller system such as our Polar Dissolvers – PDM/PDH models

Wolf-tec Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger

Our tube-in-tube heat exchangers offer a complete solution designed to eliminate the heat rise of your brine/marinade directly at the injector filter and reservoir tanks.

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