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Freshgard products are registered post-harvest fungicides to be used in fruits. The active ingredient is pyrimethanil, which is part of the aniline-pyrimidines (AP) chemical class. The mode of action is:

  • the inhibition of fungal secretion of cell wall degradation enzymes (e.g. proteinases, cellulases, pectinases and lactase);
  • the inhibition of methionine biosynthesis via the enzyme cystathione ß-lyase.

In practice the mode of action is reflected by reduced spore germination, inhibition of germ tube extension and the prevention of lesion expansion.

The latter is due to the blocking of the lytic function of the infection hyphae. Freshgard products have preventive and curative actions, penetrating plant tissue rapidly.


Freshgard 400 is a newly registered post harvest fungicide to be used in, amongst other, citrus. It’s active against Penicillium strains resistant to imazalil, thiabendazole and guazatine, and is in FRAC-group 9, which has a different mode of action than the mentioned fungicides.

Thus to fight resistance, especially against imazalil, use Freshgard 400 in the pre-degreening drench treatment or in the fungicide dip bath.

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