JBT Proseal designs and manufactures an extensive and varied range of tray sealing machinery with throughputs from 6 to 240 packs per minute. This high-speed capacity is complimented by a number of benefits including; user-friendly intuitive design, eco-friendly electric seal actuation, and ultimate flexibility. 

The machinery flexibility includes features such as 2-minute tool changeover and optional technology for all types of tray sealing formats including; Gas Flush (MAP), Vacuum Gas, and Skin Packaging, all of which is able to be added or removed at any time, regardless of the machine’s age. This adaptive approach to tray sealing provides our customers with a future-proofing investment, enabling them to meet the ever-changing demands of the food manufacturing sector. 

JBT Proseal machinery exists as the ‘Spine of the Line,’ streamlining production with high-quality manufacture and cutting-edge intelligent software.