Our H1-FG2 and H1-LT Seamer Greases are revolutionary food-grade lubricants formulated with a proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener which provides exceptional mechanical stability, high load-carrying ability, as well as remarkable rust and corrosion control. It has excellent water resistance, plus outstanding high-temperature performance characteristics. 

Applications include and food or beverage equipment that is subject to water and corrosive wash down, including:

  • Can fillers and seamers
  • Meat saws and knives
  • Conveyor bearings
  • Salt-dispensing valves
  • Cookers and sterilizers
  • Aseptic processing equipment

Benefits of JBT H1-FG2 Seamer Grease include:

  • Outstanding rust & corrosion control
  • Unsurpassed E.P. and antiwear properties
  • Very good compatibility with most greases
  • Excellent high-temperature oxidation stability
  • High-temperature performance
  • Excellent pumpability characteristics
  • Water washout and chemical resistance
  • Reduced inventory