We offer protective coatings for a variety of non-citrus fruits that are specially formulated to minimize moisture loss and preserve flavor while maintaining a fresh, natural appearance and high shine.

Endura-Fresh™ 214

Our premium shellac apple coating 

Endura-Fresh™ 2511

Our premium carnauba apple coating

Endura-Fresh™ 6100

Highly resistant to whitening or blushing, this product enhances the attractive color and deep shine of the pomegranate husk.

Sta-Fresh® 965

Highly robust over a wide range of processing conditions; dries rapidly through heated or non-heated drying tunnels.

Endura-Fresh™ 2850OR Mango

A premium organic coating developed for mangoes.

Sta-Fresh™ 2981 Mango

A premium hybrid coating developed for mangoes.

Endura-Fresh™ 6100 Mango

Highly resistant to whitening or blushing. 

Endura-Fresh™ 6100 Papaya

A premium coating developed for papayas.

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