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Improve cost efficiency and brand recognition by producing bottles in almost any shape and size with ease

One of JBT’s core objectives is to create FoodTech solutions that maximize versatility and flexibility. This empowers our food-and-beverage industry partners to blaze new trails, differentiating their products and establishing unique competitive advantages in their diverse market segments. The BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder couldn’t be more flexible. It’s designed to produce bottles of nearly any shape, allowing you to customize your container design to accommodate your products, processing approaches, and marketing goals.

The BottleTec blow molder produces lightweight HDPE bottles in sizes ranging from 0.2 liters to 1.5 liters and can accommodate open, closed, and sterile-closed bottle production. You also have the ability to produce mono- or multi-layer bottles with oxygen and UV-blocking layers for added protection. 

Innovative and eye-catching bottle designs can significantly impact product sales and brand recognition by helping to ensure your products stand out among competitors. Differentiate your products and carve out your advantage with this truly innovative blow molder.

Features & Benefits

At JBT, we consistently design, construct, and maintain systems that have the capabilities you need to expand your operational potential, and the BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder is no exception. With a range of flexible configurations at high-speed applications, this system will provide better-quality and more abundant output, while simultaneously reducing cost and labor requirements, allowing you to build your brand reputation and increase profits at every stage.

  • Versatile – The BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder can produce open, closed, and sterile-closed bottles.
  • Extensive sizing options – The machine provides the flexibility to produce bottles in virtually any shape ranging from 0.2 liters to 1.5 liters.
  • High-capacity performance – The system can effortlessly produce a capacity of 7,500 bottles per hour when operating at full speed.
  • Flexible operation – The carousel can accommodate 4-15 bottle designs and can be easily converted at any time.
  • Cost-effective – The BottleTec allows for high-speed production without unnecessary expenses or disruptions, saving you time and money.
  • Protective capabilities – The system can produce mono- or multi-layer bottles with oxygen and UV blocking layers, protecting product safety and quality.

Build Your Brand, Your Way

This high-powered plastic bottle molder offers you the power to develop your business approach without taking unnecessary risks or wasting precious time and resources. With the BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder, you have the ability to carve out a unique competitive advantage in your industry by increasing brand awareness through innovative, personalized bottle designs, sizes, and features. In this way, the BottleTec blow molder is more than a piece of equipment – it’s a tool to truly make your mark.


Do you provide training on how to use this system?

Yes. JBT is committed to providing the highest level of training on all our equipment and solutions in order to ensure your staff is professionally trained to use your machinery. The BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder is no exception. As a JBT partner, you’ll also have access to individualized, ongoing customer care and support including upgrade kits, replacement parts, service and maintenance, and more.

Can the system produce bottles that block UV?

Absolutely. The BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder can produce both mono-layer and multi-layer bottles – including layers that effectively block oxygen and UV light to protect products from external influences. In these cases, the system will be fitted with additional extruders so that 3-layer bottles (UV barrier) or 6-layer bottles (UV and oxygen barrier) are produced.

What is the rate of production for this system?

The BottleTec Extrusion Blow Molder puts the control in your hands, allowing you to program the optimal production speed for your individual system. When operating at full speed, the system can be configured to produce up to 7,500 bottles per hour. Not only will you see an increase in your overall production rate, but you’ll also have more control over every step of your high-speed operation.

Gain Coveted Access to Our Global Research Centers 

At JBT, we value innovation, collaboration, and transparency. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of scientific rigor and strive for relentless progress. You’re invited to come see for yourself and get an inside look at how we work by visiting one of our Research & Technology Centers around the world. At these hubs of research and development, you’ll get a chance to work with our experts and test new equipment, try different production-line setups, and get answers from some of the greatest minds in the industry.

JBT – Over 100 Years of Leadership

When JBT first opened its doors in 1884 as The Bean Spray Pump Company, we had a simple yet ambitious goal – to use innovative technology to solve FoodTech’s most pressing challenges. We’ve been partnering with producers in a wide range of competitive markets to provide solutions that not only help them meet their goals, but constantly set new standards in industries around the world. 

As a JBT collaborator, you’ll gain a trusted equipment provider that’s committed to helping you reach your goals at every level. But we don’t stop there. In addition to our cutting-edge technology, you’ll also get 24/7 access to our industry-famous customer support team as well as maintenance services, replacement parts, upgrade kits, and much more.

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