Consumer Packaging Solutions

Deliver food to consumers in the safest, most fresh condition using a minimum amount of packaging materials

With shutdowns, lockdowns and travel restrictions, the COVID crisis has more people shopping for food at the grocery store, and JBT’s innovative food package solutions are helping keep consumers safe and healthy, while also allowing wider in-store options and easier preparation for ready meals.

At the same time, JBT solutions make it easier for food producers to get more packages done faster, with fewer people, and with the latest consumer-friendly green packaging options using recycled and recyclable materials for a greener planet.

The goal? To help high volume customers, deliver food to the end consumer in the safest, most fresh condition, using the minimum packaging materials necessary, whilst meeting the vital requirement for food safety. Here’s a few of our solutions and innovations:


Food Safety in the Supply Chain 

  • Innovative solutions offer shelf-life extension, maintaining food quality and freshness for as long as possible, allowing for food waste reduction and improved profit margins
  • Once a tray is sealed or a bag is clipped, it is protected from foreign objects and contamination
  • Robust materials and seal quality allow food protection from handling throughout the entire supply chain 

Safety in the Retail Space

  • Tamper Evidence – you can see when a sealed tray or clipped bag has been opened
  • Great on-shelf presentation and product visibility inside the pack, avoids human-food contact in the retail space
  • Hermetic seal is air and watertight, stops harmful protein juices from leaking onto shelf
  • Less trips to the supermarket because food will keep longer, suited to modern life

Safety Through Better Labeling

  • Combine the sealing, bar-code / use-by-date-printing and brand identification process into one single action by running pre-printed film with the integration of on-line printers on the tray sealing machine
  • An easy format for labeling allergens

Social Distancing in the Processing Facility

  • Minimize labor through automation allowing key functions to operate in a safe distance

Extended Shelf-Life

  • Many of our automated systems open the possibility for shelf-life extension, meaning reduced food waste, better profit margins and enhanced food safety



Protein (red meatporkpoultryfish & seafood)

Food producers aim to streamline their production and create products that differentiate them in the marketplace. JBT’s Proseal innovators offer packaging solutions from clipping to canning to tray-sealing that can offer shelf-life extension and production optimization to all protein industry segments.

Proseal Ready Meal Chicken Jalfrezi

Ready Meals & Convenience Food

With more of the consumer market going to the ready-to-eat segment in recent years, producers want to keep pace. For more than 20 years, our tray sealing solutions have brought ready meals and convenience food, including sandwiches and salads, into a new era of quality, consistency and innovation


Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

We have a rich heritage in the automated processing of fruit and vegetables from the raw material to the finished product. Our tray sealing applications are dynamic and able to offer high-speed solutions that save on packaging materials and extend the shelf-life and quality of this time precious produce.

Sterideal Products

Juices & Beverages

HDPE and PET bottles are among the most preferred package formats for most juices, milk and plant-based beverages. Our F&DS AsepTec® Linear Filler give producers the flexibility to quickly change packaging format or size without breaking equipment sterility while ensuring food safety and extended product shelf life.


Our high-quality design and world class manufacturing make our tray sealers an excellent choice for pharmaceutical applications. Our fully automatic machinery can offer the stringent seal quality and consistent performance that is a vital requirement of this ever-developing sector.


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