Our Legacy


JBT has a long history of leadership in the food processing industry.

Bean Spray Pump Company


  • John Bean invents a continuous spray pump to battle scale in his almond orchards.


  • The company grows and David Crummey, John Bean's son-in-law, incorporates the Bean Spray Pump Company and begins large-scale manufacturing.


  • Anderson-Barngrover develops the world’s first continuous rotary pressure sterilizer for processing low acid foods such as vegetables, milk and soup, paving the way for dramatic growth in the canning industry.
  • Bean and Anderson-Barngrover merge to form the largest food machinery manufacturing company in the world at the time and is soon renamed Food Machinery Corporation (FMC). 

FMC Logo 19471930s

  • FMC develops the first automated citrus juice extractors.
  • FMC becomes the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for handling fruits, vegetables, milk, fish and meat, as well as the industry leader in turbine pump sales. 
  • Flavorseal and Sta-Fresh coatings products developed to enhance appearance and preserve shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables


  • Stein Grill MeatsFMC unveils the inline juice extractor – a revolutionary concept leading to high yields and excellent juice quality, it helped to create the citrus juice industry as it is known today.
  • In the post-war boom, FMC introduces continuous freezers, enabling assembly-line production of pre-packaged frozen foods while making advancements in the sterilization of canned foods.
  • Sam Stein forms a meat processing business called Grill Meats, Inc., which led to the development of automated, conveyorized food processing machinery. 


  • Stein AssociatesSam Stein formed a new company, Sam Stein Associates, to build conveyorized food processing machinery.
  • The first Stein commercialized batter and breading machine was developed and introduced into the market. 


  • FrigoscandiaThe first Frigoscandia GYRoFreeze® spiral freezer is delivered, increasing the amount of food frozen in a single unit.
  • FMC citrus juice extractors introduced in Brazil, helping it become the largest global producer of orange juice today. 
  • FranRica® develops technology to aseptically process and store bulk tomato paste products, becoming a staple of the California tomato processing industry.
  • The TASTE Evaporator is marketed in Europe and Asia for the production of high quality frozen concentrated citrus products


  • Stein AssociatesThe Frigoscanida GYRoCOMPACT® self-stacking spiral freezer is introduced.
  • LOG-TEC® Process Management System becomes the first computerized food processing record keeping system unconditionally accepted by FDA and USDA. 
  • The Stein product line continues to grow with the addition of Tempura Coating Systems, Conveyorized Fryers & Filters, and Charmarkers. 

FMC Technologies1980s

  • FMC’s first bulk aseptic tank farm process is commercialized, leading to development of Florida’s not from concentrate market.
  • The Stein product line continues its expansion with the addition of Automatic Viscosity Batter Control, Hydraulically Driven Equipment, and Japanese Style Breading Applicators. 
  • The Stein JSO Jet Stream Oven, the industries most successful linear, vertical airflow, impingement convection oven, is introduced into the market.
  • The first Food Processing Technology Center is opened in Sandusky, Ohio.


  • DSI LogoThe first high pressure waterjet DSI Portioning System is introduced for poultry applications.
  • Stein develops the THERMoFIN® Fryer introducing a high-capacity and energy-efficient conveyorized system that enabled the cooking of high-quality food products, while reducing operating costs.
  • FMC buys Frigoscandia Equipment, solidifying its place as the leading provider of food processing technologies - which includes the Stein and DSI family of food processing equipment. 
  • Stein GCO GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Oven is introduced, utilizing Frigoscandia's self-stacking belt technology.  
  • Stein LogoStein introduces thermal fluid indirect heated linear and spiral oven systems for high yield further processing. 
  • Fresh’n Squeeze® juicer line launched in United States, rapidly becoming the juicer of choice for discerning and high volume point-of-sale juice operators.
  • JBT acquires FranRica® and aggressively expands in global not-from-concentrate orange juice market.


  • Stein LogoFMC Technologies purchases Northfield Freezing Systems, the North American leader in bakery freezing.
  • Stein develops and introduces the MX MicroMax centrifugal hot oil filter. 
  • Stein develops the JSP Jet Stream Surface Pasteurizer for the almond industry. 
  • JBT CorporationJBT Corporation is founded and introduced on the New York Stock Exchange (JBT) in 2008.
  • JBT acquires Scotland based Double D Food Engineering, a leader in custom built ovens.
  • Bin Scrubber becomes industry standard for cleaning and sanitizing plastic fruit and vegetable bins


  • JBT FoodTech launches PRoCARE® preventive maintenance program in Europe.
  • JBT FoodTech develops a full line of equipment for mixing, pasteurizing, container filling and package closing to meet the challenges of the pulp processing market.


  • 2014 – JBT acquires Formcook AB, ICS Solutions and Wolf-tec to strengthen its leadership position in the food processing industry. 
  • 2015 – JBT acquires Stork Food & Dairy System (SF&DS) and A&B Process Systems to expand our presence in the liquid foods market. 
  • 2016 – JBT purchases Cooling and Applied Technologies (C.A.T.), TIPPER TIE and Novus X-Ray. 
  • 2017 – JBT acquires Avure Technologies, Inc., as well as PLF International Ltd.
  • 2018 – JBT acquires Schröder Maschinenbau KG and FTNON
  • 2019 – JBT acquires Proseal UK Limited and Prime Equipment Group, Inc. 

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