C.A.T. Automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology

JBT Clean-In-Place Technology

Now there’s a safer, more consistent and effective way to clean your chiller. With JBT’s patent-pending Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology, you’re able to automate the cleaning of any JBT chiller. Because only one employee is needed to run Clean-in-Place, you’ll immediately cut labor costs, improve safety and achieve greater plant efficiency. 

  • Eliminate manual chiller cleaning and save on labor costs
  • Improve safety by reducing slip-and-falls and other accidents from manually cleaning equipment
  • Enhance plant hygiene to ensure the quality, recovery and purity of your products
  • Automated, reproducible cleaning process eliminates the inconsistencies of manual cleaning to improve food safety
  • Water, cleaning chemicals and soap are all recycled with JBT CIP technology, helping you create a more sustainable operation
  • Production costs are decreased by reusing and recycling your cleaning liquid

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