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Maynard Tipper (second from left) receives an award of appreciation from his colleagues.

Early Advances with Maynard Tipper

TIPPER TIE was founded in 1952 on one man’s revolutionary idea: the invention of the first successful labor-saving clip and tying machine for casings. The company was named TIPPER TIE after one of the company’s co-founders, Maynard Tipper. Its first product was the Tipper Casing Tyer, based on Maynard’s design.

sr casing tyer 2
One of the original TIPPER TIE models, the SR Casing Tyer

In 1958, the company had its second revolution – a “second-tie” machine that would replace the laborious task of hand tying filled casings on the stuffing table. The ability to clip and close both ends of a meat casing by machine took the market by storm.

shen valley produce tipper tie clippers
Shen Valley product using TIPPER TIE clippers

Continuing its focus on clipping innovation, TIPPER TIE then developed the Tipper Clipper together with the industry’s first U-clip. The high strength U-Clip design ensures package integrity during the clipping process by performing the final gathering of the material. As an added quality measure, TIPPER TIE began manufacturing its own wire to exacting specifications unavailable from the wire industry. This tradition continues today.

tipper tie clipper use historic 1
Historic TIPPER TIE clippers

In the mid-1970s, TIPPER TIE developed a fully automatic rotary packaging machine, upon which vacuum packed bags were positioned and clipped by a specialized Tipper Clipper. This direct connection between clipper and bagger was another innovation, effectively making the clipping process a part of the overall production line.

TipperTIE Automatic Rotary Packaging Machine
automatic rotary packaging machine

Strategic Acquisitions

In 1994, TIPPER TIE acquired Technopack, based in Glinde/Hamburg, Germany. Technopack had an equally impressive history in the packaging industry, having introduced the first clipping machines and clip seals to the German and European market in 1960. Complementary equipment and close cooperation between TIPPER TIE and Technopack naturally progressed into the two joining forces as one company.

The TIPPER TIE family grew once again in 2000, with the acquisition of Swiss-based Alpina. With this move, TIPPER TIE gained high-speed double clippers, an automated hanging line for sausage production, and a heat-seal clipping system.

The addition of Technopack and Alpina products further strengthened the TIPPER TIE portfolio with solutions that are highly regarded as leading technologies

In 1981, TIPPER TIE joined the Dover Corporation and became part of its Refrigeration and Food Equipment division in 2014.today.

In 2016, TIPPER TIE became part of the FoodTech segment of JBT Corporation.