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JBT SF&DS Training Courses | JBT FoodTech

These training courses are part of the JBT SF&DS Life Cycle Care program supporting you achieving the upmost efficiency of your equipment.

They are suitable for various different target groups such as managers, operators, staff and engineers. During the training courses we will handle the operations and responsibilities within the target group.

Practical exercises are often a vital part of the training. Operators and engineers learn more while “doing” the operations for which they are responsible.

The IntroductionBasic and Advanced training courses will be given by a technical trainer, whereas the Expert ones will be given by various different experts.

Each training course has a primary aim on which the participant will be tested on completion. Each individual module shows the knowledge and expertise the participant has acquired if the certificate is issued.

Overview of JBT SF&DS Training Courses  |  Sales Information Training Brochures

Introduction Training

These training courses introduce the participants to the functionality of the machine in question:

Basic Training

On completion of these courses the participants will have the knowledge required to operate the machine in normal daily operations:

Advanced Training

On completion of these training courses, the participants will have gained the knowledge required to maintain the machines in the correct way and they will know how to deal with faults:

Expert Training

This training course will provide the participants with more insight into the design and the underlying science of the machine and into the process in relation to food safety and the product characteristics:


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