Tool Storage & Handling


Tool storage and Loading options are available for all Proseal in-line GT tray sealing machinery. 

Tool Storage: The importance of proper tool storage cannot be overstated. Correctly storing a heat seal tool will protect the investment from damage in busy and arduous production environments. Ensuring that important elements of the tool are properly protected will keep its heat seal function consistent, reliable and operating within the original parameters for which it was designed.

Tool Storage with Pre-Heat: A pre-heat station can be vital to improve overall equipment performance. A tool can be pre-heated to a user selectable temperature thereby reducing product changeover times. The pre-heat is mounted to a tool storage rack for ease of connection. 

Tool Loading Trolley: The use of a tool loading trolley is a mandatory Health and Safety requirement for all ‘e’ Range equipment where vacuum systems are employed, twin lane machines and for machines larger than a GT2 single lane.

  • Food industry approved hygienic construction and wash-down protection
  • Simple design and operation
Designed for convenience, safety and protection of investment from damage in busy and arduous production environments.

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