Facilitating the production and supply of dairy, juice, food, and pharmaceutical (nutraceuticals) with next-generation integrated processing and filling lines.

If you demand the cream of the crop for your food and dairy systems, you don’t have to look any further than SF&DS. This brand is — and has been since 1915 — the vanguard of processing and filling so you can achieve:

  • The safest, highest-quality products
  • Optimal logistics and favorable operating results
  • A more secure work environment for workers

SF&DS joined the JBT family of brands in 2015. As such, it enhances JBT’s portfolio — expanding the breadth of our offerings to you — and is highly compatible with other equipment. This means you get a total solution, beyond the filling and sterilizing stations.

Future-Proofing Your Production Today with Innovative, Sustainable Solutions

With a lengthy history of bringing food and dairy machines to market, SF&DS continues to release smart, thoughtful systems to meet the industry’s needs. In recent years, SF&DS has made great strides in modernizing and improving food production and finished products.

For example, SF&DS is proud of its contributions to:

  • Equipment durability
  • Sterilization and packaging options
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Reducing waste and focusing on sustainability
  • Safeguarding freshness, taste, texture, and nutrition throughout processing
  • Food stability and vastly extended shelf life

While a noted specialist in prolonging the shelf life of liquid foods like milk, coffee drinks, yogurt, soup, sauces, juices, and so on — SF&DS’s reach goes beyond this. JBT continually analyzes developments in the entire supply chain of food products. The insights obtained enable us to produce SF&DS products that alleviate your pain points, exploit your opportunities, and accommodate whatever’s around the consumer corner.

Blaze Trails With Exceptional SF&DS Products

JBT’s line of SF&DS products is well-suited to fulfilling many of the primary tasks needed to produce consumer-ready foods and beverages. This collection includes a range of equipment for filling, packaging, pasteurizing, and sterilizing a variety of inputs — everything from milk and pet food to poultry and produce.

Plus, your SF&DS machines integrate into the broader landscape of your complete manufacturing process. No matter whether you’re shopping for single pieces of equipment or outfitting your whole production line — SF&DS products are the right fit.

Making the Right Choice: Working with SF&DS

SF&DS is a trusted brand for a good reason — several good reasons, more accurately. Companies across the globe are glad they’ve partnered with JBT and installed SF&DS solutions because they’re now able to do things like:

  • Work more efficiently and productively
  • Streamline production and administrative activities
  • Save time and money
  • Find new opportunities for profitability
  • Make safer, longer-lasting, better consumer products
  • Help ensure a safer workplace

The JBT and SF&DS legacies — the amassed knowledge and experience — mean we’re able to effectively help you attain the levels of excellence you seek. Having us on the factory floor and in the office suite enables you to move forward with confidence.

We’re a partner you can rely on because we’ve put in the time and hard work to establish our expertise and earn the respect of your peers.

JBT, the Unbeatable Products & Services You Need

JBT’s been a trusted leader at the forefront of the worldwide FoodTech industry for over a century. We’ve earned this reputation and position by designing, building, and offering the best and most advanced food-production equipment available.

But, that’s simply not enough for us — or you. JBT’s relentless commitment to advancing food technology and helping our valued customers flourish creates additional advantage for your business. By partnering with JBT, you get: 

  • The world’s most comprehensive and cutting-edge FoodTech hardware and software
  • 24/7/365 access to superior industry expertise, collaboration, and support
  • Personalized attention and solutions
  • An authentic desire to know your business so we can better serve your needs and help you succeed
  • A long-term collaborative relationship with a second-to-none supplier

Get Ahead at JBT’s Technology Hubs

You’re not alone when you work with JBT and SF&DS. You’re a member of an elite club, a network of progressives. And this means you can glean competitive edges not otherwise possible. How so?

JBT doesn’t just manufacture state-of-the-art machinery. We also invest in creating sophisticated, enduring solutions for tomorrow’s food industry and market demands.

With over a dozen Research and Technology Centers at your disposal, you can try out the latest technology, refine your recipes and techniques, and engage with engineers and other relevant experts. As a team, your potential and ability to thrive soars.

End-to-End Support You Can Count On

JBT’s renowned for revolutionary equipment, on-point services, outstanding customer support, and so much more. We’re ready and eager to address all the challenges your business faces. And you’ll find that a partnership with JBT is the secret ingredient to your recipe for success. 

Contact JBT today to learn more about the customized solutions and insights we can provide to your business.


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