Product Assembly Conveyor Systems


AP60 Tray Sealing Machine

2147mm (H) x to suit customer (L) x to suit customer (W)
Up to 240 packs/minute  

OC Conveyor/Twin Conveyor

Open style linear conveyor with intelligent filler control system 
2136mm / 2062mm (H) to suit customer x 769mm/ 1284mm (W) 

Up to 60 packs/minute single lane; 120 packs/minute twin lane

SC Conveyor

Flat belt style product transfer conveyor 

995mm (H) x (L) to suit customer from 2m to 20m x 685mm (W)

Slipstream Conveyor

Conveyor designed to accept single trays and separate into twin lane format 

1317mm (H) x 1518mm (L) x 768mm

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