C.A.T. NEOCAT Chiller

Innovative design and a focus on targeted solutions make the NEOCAT Chiller the perfect addition to your production line by increasing performance and efficiency At […]

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JBT Clean-In-Place Technology

C.A.T. Automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology

Now there’s a safer, more consistent and effective way to clean your chiller. With JBT’s patent-pending Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology, you’re able to automate the cleaning […]

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FATCAT Chiller

C.A.T. FATCAT Chillers

Allows the processor the ability to increase production while still maintaining exit temperatures in the area previously used for the poultry chiller.

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CAT Freezecat

C.A.T. Impingement / Crusting Freezer

The FREEZECAT keeps your products in shape; delivering the appearance you intended without sticking, deformation, drip loss, or belt marks.  It takes just a few […]

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Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 60

Frigoscandia Freezers

A member of the JBT family since 1996, Frigoscandia created the frozen foods market as we know it today with a variety of breakthrough products, […]

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Northfield Freezers

Our Northfield structure supported spiral freezers have been engineered to provide long component life, reduced down time, and lower maintenance requirements.

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Frigoscandia LVS Refrigeration


We have installed hundreds of technologically advanced refrigeration systems over the years and recently expanded our offerings through the acquisition of Cooling and Applied Technologies (C.A.T.).

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