Production and supply of integrated processing and filling lines for the dairy, juice, food processing and pharmaceutical (nutraceuticals) industries.


Our SF&DS products extend the shelf life (ranging from several days to numerous months) and the packaging of dairy products and food.

This involves products and packages that we daily run into on the shelves in the supermarket.

For instance, plain white milk, flavored milk such as chocolate (cacao) drinks, coffee drinks, cream, yogurt, desserts and fruit juices, but also soups, sauces, pet food (dog and cat food), fish or meat products and vegetables.

Depending on the customer’s needs, SF&DS supplies single machines but also integrated lines for processing and packaging of these products.

By continually analyzing the developments within the entire supply chain of consumer-oriented food products, SF&DS is capable of increasingly gaining in-depth knowledge and broadening its know-how and expertise.

This allows us to provide consistently better and more efficient solutions for processing and filling a wide array of products in attractive consumer packages such as glass or plastic bottles, jars, jugs, pouches and metal (steel or aluminium) cans.

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