Since 1994, PLF International has designed and manufactured what is considered to be one of the most flexible, gentle, user-friendly powder filling machines – for rigid and semi-rigid containers – in the world.

PLF International

PLF’s range of filling machines are all built to facilitate the stringent demands of the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, i.e. easy to clean with quick changeover, minimum giveaway, gentle product handling. They can be semi or fully automatic and are built so that performance can be enhanced to meet production demands. Each machine can be fitted with PLF’s accumulated or individual head-update weight control systems to ensure maximum accuracy and minimum giveaway.

The machines are also designed to be flexible so as to accommodate a variety of filling methods – containers can be filled by vacuum for more static powders, and by volume for free-flowing products. Extensive powder trials are conducted (free of charge) to assess the most appropriate filling method for each. PLF machines can be designed to be ATEX compliant, when required.


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