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Good food products and good business are two sides of the same coin. You need to strike the right balance to find success. Making the best possible end product and enhancing output and yield doesn’t just happen. You need to correctly apply the proper heat transfer mechanisms at just the right time and the cooking step is an essential part of creating the proper appeal of your product. Armed with the broadest portfolio of industrial cooking equipment, we can provide the versatility and know-how needed to fine-tune virtually any industrial cooking process.

The TwinDrum Spiral Oven is the latest spiral oven cooking technology from JBT. It builds on decades of oven engineering, adding a uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities via an efficient two-zone spiral system. The TwinDrum spiral oven’s design enables processors to increase their processing yield compared with existing ovens while at the same time ensuring consistent cooking of food items by uniformly distributing the hot airflow across all tiers.

With the introduction of the new electric TwinDrum, JBT offers customers a new way to heat by preceding gas and oil-based heating systems and plugging directly into the grid. Electric heating also gives processors the ability to use renewable energy sources that could help them achieve their environmental goals or commitments. The Stein TwinDrum adds to a growing range of electrically heated cooking solutions from JBT, including Stein M-fryers, Double D Revoband ovens, and the Formcook Contact Cooker.

Impingement cooking solution for high-quality product finish
The Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven combines accurate temperature controls with a unique airflow system for high volume consistent processing at maximum yield.  It has a unique combination of flexibility and control for excellent results on a wide range of products, from bone-in poultry to steamed vegetables. The Revoband oven features precisely controlled vertical hot air directed at the product from above and below the belt.  
The oven can be combined with other products, like the Double D Searer & Grill-Marking unit, to achieve a full range of flavors and appearance for in-line processing.

Healthier cooking, with a home-cooked appearance
The JBT Formcook Contact Cooker and Formcook Combi Cooker use combined conduction and convection heat transfer to cook products that continuously move through the ovens on Teflon belts, delivering a wonderfully browned finish. As well as producing a stove-prepared appearance and a superior taste, contact-cooking eliminates the ‘fatty’ deep-frying process, helping promote a healthy eating image to the consumer.

Contact Cooking transfers heat to a product via two cooking belts, which run between heating plates. It is the most effective heat transfer method, providing fast cooking, high yields, quick changeovers, and easy cleaning. Our JBT Formcook Contact Cooker seals the natural juiciness and fats inside your products for the highest quality and minimum cooking losses.

The JBT Formcook Combi Cooker has the unique advantages of contact cooking and convection/steam cooking. Products are processed on the bottom by a solid non-stick cooking belt that runs over heating plates. The top is cooked by a combination of steam and hot air to provide the optimal temperature and color.


High powered solution for enhanced product appearance  
Adding grill marks to a product improves the eye appeal, which is very important to food processors. The Double D Chargrill & Bar Marker floating ring design automatically follows the product contour for consistent marking and accommodates products of varying heights. The searing function utilizes a controlled flame to impinge and sear the surface of a variety of products, including but not limited to fully cooked protein items as well as vegetables—a process designed to ensure that the processing line has the right equipment to deliver maximum potential. The Double D Chargrill and Bar Marking unit can be stand-alone or integrated with other linear cooking technologies such as the Formcook Contact Cooker, the Double D Revoband Protein Oven, or Stein TwinDrum Oven.

The Double D Chargrill and Bar Marker unit enhances a wide variety of products in taste and appearance that are unachievable by a cooking process alone.  

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Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business and challenges with our food processing experts. Together we can target the machines that best accommodate your products, production lines, line speeds and changing product specifications to create the perfect healthy cooking result, improve your product yield, reduce food waste, and increase productivity. And if you are thinking about transitioning into plant-based, this is the perfect time to discuss it with our experts.


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