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The transition into plant-based protein is one of the keys
to reducing humanity’s environmental impact. We believe
it should be easy to convert or expand into plant-based,
and we are with you throughout the process! JBT has
more than 30 years of experience, in processing meat
substitutes, the world’s largest database with application
tests, and a wide range of top-quality machinery that will
help you create a more competitive product and a
production line performing to the optimum level.

Create a competitive plant-based product

Make the most out of your plant-based protein offering

We are with you down the line

JBT is a leading global full-solution provider within food processing, offering a broad portfolio of products, such as freezers, chillers, fryers, cookers and ovens. We can help you create a profitable plant-based protein product manufactured in a high-performing production line. Whether you need stand-alone food processing equipment or integrated in-line systems, we can provide customized solutions at every stage. Our equipment is designed to enhance the operational performance of your production line. With easy operation and cleaning, the flexibility to run any application (regardless of where the protein originates from), and minimal footprint, we can help you achieve quicker turnarounds, higher capacity and increased yield. 

Our brand Frigoscandia is the world-leading pioneer in freezing. For more than 60 years, Frigoscandia has made it possible to freeze almost any product with excellent results in terms of appearance, texture and taste. In addition, this innovative technology reduces food waste, improves hygiene and prolongs the shelf-life of any plant-based product. Frigoscandia’s freezers are equipped with advanced air defrost systems and low volume systems that help you run a safer and more efficient freezing line, while reducing your energy spend and minimizing frost-related downtime.

Monitor your production line in real-time with JBT iOPS®, our cloud-based performance optimization platform. iOPS® gathers and analyses data from your equipment and process, to detect potential issues before they turn into real problems. The system informs you when action is required, to maximize uptime, productivity and profit. Effortlessly.

Need help developing your product?

With the world’s largest database with application tests and more than 30 years of experience in processing plant-based protein, we know how to make the most out of your product in terms of taste, yield and consistency. The food experts at our Food Technology Centers help you develop your ideas or enhance existing ones. The tests can be conducted on our testing site in person or via live video link or as on-site demonstrations with our mobile lab equipment in your facility.

Experts in food safety

Today, consumers are expecting the food they buy to be ready to eat directly from the package. The trend brings an equal amount of freedom and risk. Many viruses and bacteria, listeria to mention one, can be spread with food and water. As a result, food manufacturers have to be more careful with hygiene in the production line than ever before. Spreading disease can bring a tremendous cost to any brand, both in money, downtime and damaged reputation.

Food safety is one of our areas of expertise and we provide safe solutions for cooking, frying, freezing, chilling and proofing, high-pressure processing, tray sealing packaging, CIP systems, and food portioning. For us, food safety starts at the drawing board with “hygiene by design”. We design to minimize all unnecessary surfaces and use as little material as possible to avoid dirt traps. Our solutions use multiple hurdles to safeguard the products while being processed. With specialized control systems employing state of the art software and hardware, we can monitor and optimize individual machines up to entire lines within a food processing facility. This also brings the possibility to provide remote or on-site support for your processes or equipment. 

Furthermore, we use regular inspections and preventive maintenance to guarantee safe operations. Thanks to planned care of your equipment, you can rest assured that the equipment is safe to operate. JBT can also support you with training in critical areas such as general food safety, cleaning systems, and equipment design for sanitation. 

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