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Access to knowledge is one of the benefits of being a JBT customer. Our skilled team is spread over the world and work hard to ensure maximum uptime and smooth operations in your facility. Whether you need help with product development, process optimization, training, or remote support, our customer care team is with you down the line.


The digital revolution isn’t slowing down, it’s getting faster. Something that creates big opportunities for the food processing business as we are evolving into Industry 4.0. At JBT we constantly develop our digital solutions, adding connectivity and features to our equipment so that we can help you optimize your efficiency, minimize downtime, and increase control.

We have developed innovative and connected solutions to optimize the production process and predict future maintenance needs. By collecting and learning from data drawn in real-time from systems and machinery, we can detect potential issues before they become problems or even improve the overall efficiency of operations.

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NEWS 2023

Introducing the JBT OmniBlu™ platform

Product development

Good can always get better. We share our vast knowledge and long experience with our customers to develop and innovate their products. Throughout the years, we have collaborated closely with leading global brands to invent the future of food processing, and our Food Technology Centers are popular destinations for anyone interested in the topic.

PRoCARE® Service Program

All of our solutions are easily operated, cleaned maintained to save your precious time and resources. If you want an even more proactive service package, our PRoCARE service contract may be the right solution for you. PRoCARE is designed to maximize your uptime and financial predictability while reducing your total cost of ownership. It gives you scheduled preventive inspections and maintenance of your equipment, along with a range of other benefits that minimize unexpected costs for reactive maintenance. Depending on your organization, production uptime requirements, seasonal variations or other needs, we build a customized agreement together.

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Optimize your process

One of the keys to creating a competitive product is to find the optimal manufacturing process. JBT’s salespersons and technical experts can help you design and improve your production line to achieve even the most challenging objectives. With a wealth of experience, there is nothing our team hasn’t seen or handled before. Every year, we have customers relocating equipment, rebuilding or adjusting it to handle increased capacity and new products, investing in energy efficiency upgrades, and requesting major over-hauls. We are there from planning to start-up.

JBT also offers a wide range of upgrade kits customized for your machines. The most common upgrades are packaged in kits to minimize the amount of engineering and customization, speeding up installation and minimizing the production stop.

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Marlow Foods and JBT PRoCARE® – a long and successful partnership

The story of Quorn started in the ’60s with one man’s vision of protecting the world from food shortages. His name was Lord Joseph Arthur Rank, chairman at a company called Rank Hovis McDougall, and he made it his mission to find a new, sustainable source of protein.


Need help developing your product?

With the world’s largest database with application tests and more than 30 years of experience in processing plant-based protein, we know how to make the most out of your product in terms of taste, yield and consistency. The food experts at our Food Technology Centers help you develop your ideas or enhance existing ones. The tests can be conducted on our testing site in person or via live video link or as on-site demonstrations with our mobile lab equipment in your facility.


When it comes to optimizing the operation of your equipment, there is no substitute for knowledge. We always provide operating and maintenance instructions when installing new equipment. Still, staff turnover can deplete your knowledge base and affect your productivity. JBT provides staff training tailored to your needs in operation and maintenance, productivity solutions, control systems and food safety.

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Cleaning detergents

It is extremely important to choose the right cleaning method to protect your equipment and products from contamination. To avoid recalls leading to costly downtime, health issues, and damaged reputation, food safety should be a high-priority issue for all food producers. JBT has developed a series of detergents that meet the rigorous requirements from legislatives and customers. Naturally, all of our products are designed to work within food production facilities. They can handle both extreme temperatures and prevent bacterial growth. Take advantage of our knowledge – we know what is best for the equipment and our range of detergents are developed to fit our product lines specifically and to avoid unnecessary wear.

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