Creating a high performing food processing line for plant based products

Creating a high-performing food processing line for plant-based products

As when producing meat-based products, processing plant-based protein requires the correct, high-quality equipment. Smooth operation, high throughput, and reliable equipment that are easy to integrate are essential when setting up a profitable and efficient food processing line for plant-based products. At JBT, we have years of experience in this field and have developed a full line of flexible processing equipment and solutions to process plant-based products. We will help you secure food safety and maintain high capacity and yield with minimal downtime, as well as share our knowledge and help you get started!


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JBT is a leading global full-solution provider within food processing, offering a broad portfolio of products and solutions. We have a long experience in plant-based protein processing and production, and our food experts are standing by to help you with your transition and guide you on your journey towards successfully growing your business.

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Guide: The optimal plant-based food processing line

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  • Knowledge about the different steps in the processing line
  • Insights about processing methods for plant-based foods

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Want to prevent microplastics contamination in the food zone of your freezer?

As plastic parts in food processing equipment are exposed to wear and tear, they can generate microplastics contamination in food. That’s why the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® self-stacking freezer’s has no plastic parts in the food zone.

JBT designed the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® self-stacking freezer. Its unique Self-Stacking design has no plastic parts in the food zone that can generate microplastics.The GYRoCOMPACT has 25 meters of belt wear strips which is only 2% compared to the 1 250 m belt wear strips of the conventional spiral freezer.

At JBT, we know that the design of food processing equipment is essential for food safety. That’s why we always design to minimize all unnecessary surfaces and use as little material as possible to avoid dirt traps. We call it Hygiene by Design, and it is crucial in food zone 1, where the equipment has direct physical contact with the products. We also have specialists just focusing on reducing the use of unwanted materials like plastics.

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