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Consumers are demanding safer, more hygienic, and healthier foods. And the juice market is growing into new product areas, like juice made of vegetables or superfruits. That’s why you should team up with a food processing partner that has the knowledge, equipment, and solutions to maximize yields from raw materials while optimizing the desired physical qualities of the product. Working with JBT will not just give you all that, but also the benefit of all the knowledge we have gathered from markets and industries all over the world.

JBT offers a full range of fruit handling, extraction, finishing, pasteurization, sterilization, and filling systems. We also have full-line solutions for tomato, citrus, and temperate fruit. Our broad collection of fruit and vegetable processing equipment can handle whatever creating your food product requires. Whether you just need individual pieces of equipment or to establish a fully integrated processing line from scratch, we have what you need.

New vegetable and fruit juice blends currently on the market range from thin “cold extracted” juices to smoothies and juice drinks containing purees and other ingredients. Vegetable juice and puree production often involves three major operations: size reduction, extraction and finishing. While there are many competitive processes, JBT has developed a new, modular, continuous, and hygienic system capable of processing up to 5 tons per hour of raw product generating 15 to 25 GPM of juice/puree for small to -midsize producers.

Meet our food processing experts
Anuga FoodTec | Cologne Germany | 26/04/22 – 29/04/22 | Hall 6.1, Stand D030 & F049 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business and challenges with our food processing experts. Together we can target the machines that best accommodate your products, production lines, line speeds and changing product specifications to create the perfect fresh produce process, improve your product yield, reduce food waste, and increase productivity.


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