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Creating high-quality food products is a balancing act. Safety, stability, productivity, and cost get pitted against taste, nutrition, and product attractiveness. The objective of sterilization is to kill all harmful organisms in a product. But how do you prevent it from killing the taste in the process? Taste is preserved best when a product is heated to high temperatures very quickly and is cooled down just as fast, especially when processing dairy products. 

Our JBT SF&DS products extend the shelf life (ranging from several days to numerous months) and the packaging of dairy products and food. This involves products and packages that we daily run into on the shelves in the supermarket. For instance, plain white milk, flavored milk such as chocolate (cacao) drinks, coffee drinks, cream, yogurt, desserts, and fruit juices, but also soups, sauces, pet food (dog and cat food), fish or meat products and vegetables.

The JBT Sterideal® is the only UHT system with a helical heat exchanger unit. This unique design offers maximum heat transfer thanks to the turbulent flowing created by the Dean effect and allows you to heat up and cool down your product extremely quickly. The result is effective sterilization combined with excellent preservation of taste. The helical design offers more advantages. Because the heat exchanger unit has no sharp bends or welding seams, any fluid will flow through it with ease. The coiled design prevents clustering and other kinds of flow resistance even when handling products with particles or fibers. Consequently, the Sterideal can handle a wide variety of products.

The JBT Steridal Ohmic uses high voltage to heat the product flowing inside the aseptic sterilizer. The major advantage of ohmic heating is obtained in dice processing: the product quality is better compared to standard heating technologies since the center of the dice is heated at the same velocity as the liquid carrier, preventing overheating parts of the product.

Meet our food processing experts
Anuga FoodTec | Cologne Germany | 26/04/22 – 29/04/22 | Hall 6.1, Stand D030 & F049 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business and challenges with our food processing experts. Together we can target the machines that best accommodate your products, production lines, line speeds and changing product specifications to prolong the shelf life, improve your product yield, reduce food waste, and increase productivity. At Anuga you can also experience a range of our solutions, for example the JBT Steridal Ohmic, in action.


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