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Grow with less effort and more yield

Intelligent automation is essential when building an efficient food processing line that creates shorter process times and better yields. At JBT, our engineers and food processing experts continuously develop smart solutions to reduce the need for manual labor and increase throughput while keeping you in complete control of the result. And as a total solution provider, we also can connect different equipment to create an automated processing line.

Higher efficiency
Automation in the food processing industry is growing, and there are several reasons. First and foremost, the food market is growing fast, so there is a strong need for higher efficiency and throughput, something that automation can solve.

One example is the JBT’s innovative Proseal line that allows a single operator to almost triple the output for faster work or reduced overall labor. Impressive returns can also be had with the full line of solutions for sausage-based products from Tipper Tie, including sealers, clippers, netters – and even product loading. And our AsepTec® Linear Filler from SF&DS is a prime example of how rapid changeover times, extended run times, and equipment reliability mean your technicians can spend less time in the filling area.

For fresh produce processing, JBT’s family of robotic FTNON CoreTakr® products can remove up to 4 or 5 people per line to create a safe, more productive environment while providing precise decoring to increase fresh-cut salad yields. And our DSI robotic, hands-free, vision-based high-volume portioning systems automatically produce filets, nuggets, and intelligently trimmed pieces for protein processing.

Increased food safety
Another reason for automisation is food safety, where a fully automated plant makes it possible to trace food both through the plant and after it has been distributed. Automated screening for foreign objects can raise detection rates by several hundred percent, and automated coding solutions can secure that every product is correctly labeled.

Sterilizing canned goods is a critical process requiring constant oversight to maintain safe and delicious foods. JBT’s LOG-TEC® process control system automates that oversight while streamlining necessary technical labor. We can also increase food safety with Xvision’s hands-free, deep detection of foreign materials in meat or beverage products, including inside packaged foods. We help customers achieve higher levels of detection while reducing labor requirements.

JBT’s industry-leading coating equipment, ovens, fryers, and freezers are constantly upgraded with innovations like Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems, self-regulation technology, and on-machine training options that speed up cleaning, require fewer technicians, and allow maintenance and repair hours to be devoted elsewhere.

Better optimization and preventive maintenance
Automating the food processing line also makes it possible to connect it to IoT solutions and monitor it. With the collected data, it’s possible to detect components at risk of failure and handle it with preventive maintenance at the same time as maximizing the efficiency of the line.

JBT’s iOPS technology collects data on throughput, energy usage, labor utilization, and more. iOPS analyzes the data to allow measurable increases in output and efficiency with minimal labor and generates predictive maintenance schedules based on actual machine usage – streamlining maintenance labor.

At JBT, we have developed solutions for automation for many years. Depending on what kind of process you want to set up, we have a range of different solutions. There’s a machine for every task, and you can assemble the equipment into a complete production line with automated processing.

Want to know more about how JBT can help you automate your processes? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our food processing experts and find out how we can support you.


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Grow with less effort and more yield

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