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Quality is paramount for any type of food packaging, so for trays, it’s vital to avoid spoilage, leaks, contamination, and food waste. That’s not always easy, particularly if you are packing unusually- shaped or sized items, have non-standard trays, or your products have a long journey to their end destination. The solution is to find a supplier with the correct levels of expertise and experience.

With many years in the tray sealing industry – and many insights gained during this time – JBT has developed an impressive portfolio of tray sealing equipment to meet your need. We have been introducing a succession of innovations and technological advances to enhance overall performance further and overcome specific challenges.

With JBT Proseal, you also get automatic tray sealing machines that are environmentally friendly, thanks to our high-force electrical seal delivery system that drastically reduces air consumption. They are compact, featuring the smallest footprint of all tray sealing machines in the market, and economical since top sealing requires fewer materials and can remove the need for other devices, such as labelling equipment. They also deliver on food safety as contents are securely sealed into their packs, and it’s obvious if a product has been tampered with. And their ability to seal various tray and film material types to meet ever-changing industry trends means our tray sealing machines offer a very high degree of flexibility.

New efficient case packer delivers 120 packs per minute
The new patent-pending Proseal CP3™ case packer provides the ideal complement to our extensive range of tray sealing machines to offer customers a complete primary and transit packing solution. It combines efficient power consumption and a compact footprint with the ability to fill cases at up to 120 packs per minute.

Key to the CP3’s exceptional performance is our proven ProMotion tray infeed system. This maximizes throughput by using following motion and intelligent buffering technology to effectively control the flow of trays, enabling them to feed continuously in the case packer without stopping. 

The CP3 can handle a wide variety of pack formats, including trays, pots, and sandwich packs, in materials such as A-PET, C-PET, and board. Auto tool technology enables fast and easy format changes, while Quick Release (QR) conveyors allow swift removal and replacement to speed up and simplify cleaning and maintenance.

Meet our food processing experts
IFFA | Frankfurt | 14/05/22 – 19/05/22 | Hall 8, Stand J90 & K90

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements and challenges with our food processing experts. Together we can identify the machines that best suit your products, production lines, line speeds, and changing product specifications to create the perfect solution – with the right pack, improved product yield, reduced food waste, and increased productivity. And if you are thinking about transitioning into plant-based, this is the perfect time to discuss it with our experts. And at Anuga, you will also be able to see our tray sealing machines in action.


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