AGV system safety is of paramount importance for us. Without safety, you have nothing.

Many customers begin their journey researching automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) with a concern about safety. They want to make sure that automation with AGVs will not compromise the level of safety in their facility. Through research, or for those with real world experience, they find that AGVs actually increase the level of safety compared to manual operations. The AGVs’ obstacle detection sensors bring the AGV to a safe stop before it contacts an obstacle. Load handling sensors make sure the load is in the correct, safe position before the AGV attempts an operation. The navigation system makes sure the AGV stays on the safe path. The SGV Manager software monitors operation, alerting staff of any abnormal condition. Staff working in close proximity to the AGVs quickly get comfortable with the controlled acceleration, deceleration and predictable movements.  

We are proud of the excellent safety record of our AGVs. But we can’t only be satisfied with the safety of our systems. We want to make sure there are no accidents involving any AGVs, regardless of the supplier. We help lead the AGV industry with long-term membership on key committees responsible for AGVs such as ANSI B56.5 safety standard, AGV Product Council of MHI, ASTM F45, etc. There is a common misconception that all AGVs using certain safety rated sensors are safe. The real answer in maximizing safety lies in not only using the correct safety rated sensor but also in using it in the proper way. Our experienced safety team will deliver a high level of safety.